About Us

Beloved Leather Co is a locally owned business in the historic city of Charleston, SC. Established in the early summer of 2019, I began as a simple hobbyist and then open as a small business. The heart behind the business rests upon two facts.

"Hand Crafted - Made for you"  - Everything made at Beloved Leather is done by hand. From the cutting to the stitching, yes even our bags, are all carefully made by hand so that they would last for years to come. With that said, they are each specifically made for you to carry, to use, and one day pass it on. 

"Work Yourself Out of a Job" - Honestly, this is not the best business plan but we like to carry this mindset in everything we do. With future plans of expanding through teaching others, we would love to see not the name of Beloved Leather grow but the heart behind it as we pass on our passions. 

To learn more about myself, check out our "Meet the Artisan" page.